Nick Martin is a composer, originally from England and has lived and worked in London, Copenhagen and Helsinki. In his artistic work he often alludes to poetic ideas or images that create certain atmospheres and emotions, drawn from personal memories and experiences that are rich with archetypal resonance. Whilst reflecting on his work over the past decade, and the life he has lived concurrently, he has gradually become aware of the fact that, as the Jungian analyst and author James Hollis succinctly puts it, ‘the psyche seeks to heal itself’*. Whilst what motivates Martin to be creatively active is deeply personal, he hopes nonetheless that in working with honesty and humility he can reach a universality that will touch other people; ‘Healing comes from resonance, the re-sounding or recognition of likeness’*.

* from ‘Under Saturn’s Shadow: The wounding and healing of men’ by James Hollis, Ph.D

For a copy of Martin’s CV, follow this link: NickMartinMusicCV2017