I am a classically trained composer, originally from England and have lived and worked in London, Copenhagen and Helsinki. I hold a Bachelor in composition from the Royal Academy of Music in London, and a Masters degree in composition from the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen.

My musical work can be divided into three principal areas:

1) My own compositional project, which over the past seven years has been very personal, often focusing on intensely intimate situations full of restrained emotions. This work includes solo, chamber, orchestral and electronic music.

2) My work as an arranger / orchestrator, helping film composers, musicians and songwriters realise their ideas for ensembles, orchestras or choirs, whilst allowing me to express the extroverted side of my musicality.

3) My work as a producer: I have experience and a passion for directing ensembles /  helping musicians and sound engineers in recording sessions.

For a copy of my CV, follow this link: NickMartinMusicCV2017

Artist’s statement

Music is a form of alchemy, whereby feelings can be transformed into something beautiful; Music is, or I should say, can be, pure emotion. For as long as I can remember I have always experienced strong emotional reactions to music. Each person listens to and creates music for their own purpose, and I realised that my own need for emotional catharsis, and for a deep empathetic connection (literally vibrating in sympathy), was at least my own purpose in participating in music-making. It is the most special thing I can think of, listening to a piece of music or a musician that touches me deeply; I feel less alone.