Nick Martin
Nick Martin

is a composer living in Copenhagen. He holds a Bachelor in Composition from the Royal Academy of Music in London, where his teacher was Simon Bainbridge, and a Masters degree in Composition from the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen, where his teachers were Bent Sørensen and Hans Abrahamsen.

In 2018, he released his debut record, Separation, in June 2018.

Nick Martin has written music for orchestras, ensembles and soloists, including Ensemble Intercontemporain, Danish Radio Vocal Ensemble, Copenhagen Phil, Daniel Pioro, The Willow Consort, Esprit Orchestra, Bjarke Mogensen, Copenhagen Cello Quartet, Copenhagen Girls Choir, Mercury Quartet and Esbjerg Ensemble.

Statements made by others

Nick Martin’s music is ‘deliciously sparse and exquisitely controlled, and as much as I can hear the scattered traces of Ligeti motion and Bainbridge meticulousness, it’s also something that I can image being played on my dream radio show alongside The Field, Xenakis, Thee Silver Mt Zion, Jon Hopkins, Morton Feldman, Murcof and Matmos. It’s contemporary music that can be of interest as much to Sigur Ros and Can fans as to lovers of Birtwistle and Cage.’

Paul Morley, music journalist for The Guardian

“What draws me to Nick Martin’s music is a hauntingly expressive fragility and deceptively simple melancholy reminiscent of ancient music –  it’s as if he invokes an otherworldly music from the distant past.” 

Jakob Kullberg, cellist & Professor at the Royal College of Music in London

“My collaboration with the British composer Nick Martin has been enormously valuable in my search for an original and new sound on my instrument. His music is naturally poetic and refined and speaks to a wide audience without compromising on the artistic expression. I can warmly recommend Nick Martin’s music to anyone who wants to borrow an ear to listen with”

Bjarke Mogensen, accordionist

“Nick Martin’s music goes far beyond just being expertly crafted; it can encompass the entire range of human emotion. His music has a unique voice and both performers and audiences are easily drawn into his world. It is a delight to collaborate with him.”

Danny Purtell, bass in Ars Nova Copenhagen
& director of The Willow Consort

“In Nick Martin, we have been gifted with a composer who, with a rare sensitivity, manages to create music of great beauty. I hear in his music similarities with American minimalism, Arvo Pärt and Jóhann Jóhannsson. There is a consistently conscious simplicity in the expression, often with a very satisfyingly melancholy tone. There is room to express great emotions, which I find, as both a performer and as a listener, enormously liberating.”

Jakob Skjoldborg, tenor & producer for Ars Nova Copenhagen

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