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About me

I am a classically trained musician and composer, having started learning the piano, oboe and singing when I was seven. I have been profoundly shaped by my experiences as a musician whilst growing up, including playing oboe in the Bedfordshire county youth orchestras & various chamber ensembles, and singing weekly in a boys choir as well as annual choral performances of larger oratorios. I was fortunate, at the age of seventeen, to have joined the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain, as a composer, which allowed me to write for the musicians and work closely with them.

As a composer, I feel indebted to my early formative experiences, and have strived for a way to combine my love for, and knowledge of, the musical heritage that nurtured me, with my growing interest in music of other traditions. In 2018, I founded an ensemble called ‘Thou Art a Vessel’, which comprises musicians and singers from folk, jazz, classical and Armenian traditions.

Between 2015-18, I have been composing and recording music for my debut record, ‘Separation’, which will be released in 2018, as a double-LP on the label Gotta Let It Out.

To view my CV, please follow this link: Nick Martin CV April 2018

Recordings of some of my older music are available to listen on my Soundcloud page here: https://soundcloud.com/escapingcentre

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tlf. : +45 52 82 41 19

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