At the end of this month I will have a premiere by the Esbjerg Ensemble, of a new piece called ‘Earth’. It’s been over 10 years since I last worked with the ensemble, and I am looking forward to doing so again.

The last time I worked with them was in 2008, when I wrote the piece ‘Air’ , which The Guardian journalist Paul Morley described as ‘deliciously sparse and exquisitely controlled, and as much as I can hear the scattered traces of Ligeti motion and Bainbridge meticulousness, it’s also something that I can image being played on my dream radio show alongside The Field, Xenakis, Thee Silver Mt Zion, Jon Hopkins, Morton Feldman, Murcof and Matmos.’
Listen to ‘Air’, here:
Last year, I was contacted by the ensemble and asked if I’d send them the score for ‘Air’. I told them that I’d rather compose a new piece.

They told me that they were planning a programme called ‘Bye Bye Britain’, of all British music. To be completely honest, though very happy to have the opportunity to write a new piece for them, I was somewhat ambivalent about this title/concept…

…In the end, I decided to write a piece that attempts to connect Brexit (alluded to rather bluntly) to the larger context of the Climate Emergency – I think, in this context, the concert could rather, and more sadly, be called ‘Bye Bye Earth’…
Bye Bye BritainJan 22, 7:30pm – 9:30pmSyddansk Musikkonservatorium – SDMK MapProgram:

Good old English ba-rock
Gustav Holst: Sextet
Nick Martin: “Earth” – world premiere

Edward Elgar: Romance
Peter Maxwell Davies: Sea Eagle
Benjamin Britten: Sinfonietta

The concert will be broadcast on the Danish Radio.
(If you’re interested in hearing it, and have trouble finding the right link – or don’t understand Danish – write me an email and I can send the link)

I was fortunate to have been involved in composing and performing an original piece of music for Daniel Borgman’s beautiful new feature film ‘Harpiks‘, produced by Zentropa. The piece of music I composed is used a couple of times throughout the film, and is a setting of Latin text from the Book of Job, ‘Lignum Habet Spem’, for four male voices.

‘Harpiks’ was released on 12th December 2019, having been shown at the Toronto Film Festival earlier in September.